A Peer Group is a Powerful Motivator

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Some of us deal with work challenges through one-on-one mentoring or coaching. Some of us deal with personal/relationship challenges through one-on-one counseling or psychotherapy. But there is another form of problem-solving that is arguably more effective for some of us at certain times—peer group coaching/counseling. My brand of peer group coaching/counseling allows for keen insight about self and others in a safe setting that includes goal setting and forward movement.

My groups (there are currently six—see below) address challenges specific to work, challenges specific to home, and challenges specific to self. They combine coaching and psychotherapy in an objective, non-invasive format for professionals looking to explore specific issues, gain perspective from others, and benefit from the experience of others. Most importantly, peer groups allow for accountability that is affinity-based and organically developed.

Say you are suffering from “Working Mom Guilt” (one of my groups). You may resist input from your husband or friends about how to address this. You may use your husband and friends as “shoulders to cry on” rather than “solution seekers.” Friends and family are attuned to you and are very good at picking up what you are putting down as far as what feedback is safe to give you. You may get lots of, “That’s hard, yeah….Uh-huh….Well, of course you’re right….What can you do?….Yeah, no one understands.” Who wants a spouse or friend telling you what to do, anyway?

You may not get a lot of concrete suggestions and solutions—both pragmatically- and emotionally-driven–that you can implement and report back on. You may not get honest input from others experiencing Working Mom Guilt about how it affected them or how they succeeded or failed to handle it.

Now think of what I’ll call “Passenger on a Plane” phenomenon: Sometimes our most honest, insightful exchanges are with strangers—people to whom we have no ego-investment, with whom we can be honest about our flaws and responsibilities and people who in turn will share theirs with us. Group therapy provides this unique combination of “passenger on a plane” honesty with the productivity of a like-minded, professionally run discussion.

I bring together like-minded professionals coming at a similar personal or professional problem from different angles to uncover new perspective and new options. My groups are safe and confidential. I am a solutions-focused therapist/coach and in my groups you will find that being accountable in this setting is both natural and liberating.

Contact me for information about dates/times for any of these group therapy sessions in San Diego and determine if one of the groups is a good fit for you. Most groups meet weekly for one hour and cost $30 per session.

  • Working Mom Guilt

A group for women who are juggling careers and children and feeling like both are suffering. There is freedom in your approach and perspective and in the knowledge that you have options. Explore them in this goal-oriented, inclusive group of hard-charging mothers.

  • Getting Promoted at Work: Removing Barriers and Blind Spots

This group for senior-level men and women allows exploration of career minefields: how to avoid them and how to recover once they’ve been activated. It is a group requiring FORWARD movement. The group illuminates options, lessons, and self-awareness that comes from and is necessary for forward movement.

  • My Colleague is Going to Cost Me My Job: Navigating Relationships on the Job

This group for professional men and women addresses on-the-job relationship issues that are threatening your peace of mind and your job. We identify components of toxic relationships, how to change the dynamic, how to protect yourself, and when it’s time to call it quits. This is a positive group that allows us to see how lessons learned apply to every relationship in our lives.

  • We’re Young. We’re Married. Now What?

This group is for young couples who want to create a marriage according to their needs—not those of their parents, their friends, or their siblings. The group focuses on identifying and which marriage roles and patterns are right for you and your partner versus those roles and patterns you may be modeling from others. The options for your marriage and life together are LIMITLESS.

  • Save My Marriage: It Doesn’t (Necessarily) Take Two to Tango

A group for women and men who are seeking ways to improve their marriages when their partner isn’t open to counseling. The group focuses on steps YOU can take independent of your partner to improve your marriage. The results are amazing!

  • Hello Darkness My Old Friend

This group is for men and women who suffer from acute or chronic depression and seek tools for gentle, realistic, and productive living during periods of depression. The group requires and encourages self-acceptance and identification of safe people and actions during depressive episodes.

We are not as isolated as we feel. There are answers around us. Contact me to take a step forward.


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