Anger Therapy

Anger Therapy

Anger is a natural and healthy response to danger. Anger tells us we are threatened. I help my clients to identify the threat and develop solid steps to protect themselves from danger without compromising their peace of mind or balance within relationships at home, in the office and elsewhere.

It is normal to experience anger and sometimes anger is the appropriate response to misbehavior by others. Managed correctly, and kept in check, anger is an important ally for a healthy adult. But anger has great risks, perhaps more than any other emotion. Anger can alienate us from people; it can lead us to do things we later may regret. Anger may arise not due to the present situation, but because the present situation reminds us at a subconscious level of a past experience. Anger may be a habitual defense against sadness or fear.

If you are suffering from inappropriate use of anger and it is threatening relationships with people YOU love—family, friendship, at work–do not lose hope.

Anger is a tool. Think of it as a hammer. You may be using a hammer to clean a counter instead of a sponge.  I will help you identify when the anger tool is called for and how best to use it. Used correctly, anger can: protect us from harm, help us get our needs met, and prevent us from despairing.

In anger therapy your anger does not need to vanish. You may have learned from an early age to use it inappropriately because other emotions (fear, weakness, need) were not allowed. You may have learned to use it recently in response to overwhelming life events (relationships, responsibilities, road blocks and set-backs) that you felt you couldn’t control any other way. You may now be feeling that those same life events are perhaps spiraling out of your control and away from you because of the very anger you used to try to control them. The wrong tool is being used. You have many others. I will help you find and use them.